Sunday, October 19, 2014

Insta Thoughts and Last Weekend!

  I love the fact that I can take these random moment photos, post them on Instagram and have inspiration for my layouts!  It is so funny how I used to always carry my Canon Powershot around with my everywhere I went but now my camera phone has become the source of many photos that I love. I am such a country girl that has her own style and quirkiness. I also have realized that I love taking photos of my shoes...Not sure why but I do.  I can't wait to print out this instagram pic and put it on a layout!  These boots are my favorite!
On another note, My Husband and I along with my girls and their Youth Group at church attended an annual Concert called the Flavor Fest where different artist from all over the US come and perform Christian based Hip Hop, and Rap. It was totally amazing. It was so awesome to see so many young people in a room lifting up the name of God, with awesome sound and beats.  We had a great time.  It was also very exhausting!  This was my first time attending one of these and as I praise and worship with different style of music more contemporary, and gospel  this was different.  I most of the time associate rap and hiphop with secular music but the words were so meaningful and it was lifting up the name of Jesus!  Here are some photos from the event the girls with some of their friends from the youth group.  They were turning up for Jesus!
below is one of my favorite artist from that night!  Da Truth!
My girls right before we were leaving for the concert!
-Tee Feliciano

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