Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vintage Themed Mason Jars

Hello There:)

I wanted to share my newest creations.  As I love Mason Jars and I get this really exciting feeling each time I see on, I had not altered one in a long time.  I did have a paid Mason Jar project and they came out well but since that I had not done anything.  I am still in love with the Maggie Holmes Crate Paper collection so I wanted to get good use of it with altering some mason Jars.  These jars will go in my etsy shop.  Here you go take a look!    I really love these.  to me it looks like Vintage Flea Market.  In the suburb I lived in as a young girl the neighbors always had yard sales and I would find these cute little magnets that most kids were not interested in but I guess I have always had that creative side of me.  When creating these it reminded me of that time.  I  also used some vintage Rummy Kub game pieces.  I used some vintage buttons, and pins.



flowerdisco said...

hi toccara, thanks for the lovely comment left on nani ke ola.
you have a very nice blog here and a nice family and values too.
did you apply for nani ke ola's dt. maybe you should.
good luck!

ToccaraFeliciano said...

Thanks for your comments I did apply... and i am really excited about it!

Kim said...

Super Cute jars!