Thursday, May 29, 2014

Playtime With Photos

Hubby and I playing around during the last night of our vacation stay....I am going to have some great photos to scrapbook!  I love my family.  My husband and I are of two different Nationalities.  My Hubby is Puerto Rican and I am not.  While here on vacation I asked him if when we are out does he feel that people look at us because of our outward appearance of difference.  He does not recall feeling that way and when I look at him, I don't see race, I see my husband.  The same with my children as they do have a different completion that me and look more like him.  It is amazing how love covers not only a multitude of sins as the bible says but it covers differences.  Just as God does not see my Past sin one I acknowledge him, and he sees only the potential and who he has called us to be.  It is amazing and this photo grid just reminds me of how our physical appearances may be different we share so much and are alike in many ways.  this photo was also inspired by the Photo a day challenge and the prompt was negative space and I thought of doing something like this as I had more like photo negative, or making my pic look like when photo would come out of a polaroid camera it would look like this until it developed.  So thank you photo a day challenge for May. 

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