Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stepping Into A New Year 2014

I am really excited about the new year simply because it is a new year.  I love a fresh start and to just do better than I did the year before. It is amazing how one day before you were in the old and now you are in the new.  So I have updated my blog as I do each year and I went with simplicity. I want to simplify things and just put more fun into the busy craziness of life.  Being a Bible Teacher and having your own Ministry is not always easy because you are always studying, always being available for others, making sure you are staying encouraged because you never know when someone needs a word from you.  It is amazing though because I know that all that I do for others and all that I have become for God is nothing I have done on my own and God has truly blessed me to be a blessing to his people.  On the other end my crafting never stops. I have had some paid project that turned out well. Had been joining a ATC swap for the past year, and most of all making handmade Items for my Operation Handmade Blessings for the elderly.  This 2014 year I am ready to get on a Design Team, Make layouts and projects and just have good ole fun!  I renamed my blog because it represents me.  My blog is not just about crafting but it is about my life, things I love, and cherish and most of all my experiences. I call it The Life and Creations of Tee Feliciano.  I have been called by Tee Feliciano a lot and it has been quite catchy and most think my name sound like some sort of Designer Line of Clothes but I have been called by Tee since forever, probably because it is easier than Toccara..Lol  I think my blog did not get much use for 2013 because the name just kept me in a box of crafting so I did not share much of anything else and my online ministry got it but in a different type style.  So This year it is going to be great and I am looking forward to more blogging more creating and more of life.  I hope this first of the Year did everyone Good and see you in the rest of 2014!!!!!!!

Tee Feliciano

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