Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Life Week One

Well I completed week one of project life.  I was so excited then I went from excitement Just having scrappers block.  I did not know what my theme was or what I was going to document.  I wanted this PL to be meaningful and something that I can do so that I wont give up halfway through.  I got frustrated because I created a page but to me did not represent me.  It did not represent a aweso
me start of a project.  I put some picutures on a page but did not have any reason to journal because the pictures did not have any signifigamce to them.  So I said I don't have time for this...( typical right)!  So I thought of it some more and then said whatever I do I want it to be a great document of my life.  Something that my kids can really cherish and that they can sit and remenise on.  First I thought of doing project life in the since of letter to them speaking on what happened each day that year.  ( Which I am incooperating in this).  I used to write letters to them all the time they each have letters  from me on different things I was thinking about them while they were little and all the little cute things they did.  I stopped when they got older and life got busier with them but I wanted to start this back up.  The second part is I wanted to make sure this project was mostly Journaling!!!! ( crazy right)!!!!!  I love writing and journaling. 
 I journal my prayers hopes and dreams, I have tons of Journals over the years filled with my thoughts.  So this is perfect because I will journal a little something about each day.  Also I am a scrapbooker at heart so I will not be giving that up creating scrapbook pages so I don't need project life to be full of pictures.  Mine will be with a couple of pictures here and there depending on what is going on.  There will be more Journaling though.  I think I want to name this  years Project Life "Write Through Time"  I am excited to show my re-created page below.  Only those that have visited my Instagram will see the first attempt.  I am so happy with this one and they will get better. 

Thanks for looking!  Stay Tuned for Week 2 Project Life