Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Life Week 3 and New Etsy Shop Items

Well Week 3PL came so fast that I had to complete my Project Life week 3 on Sunday night.  I did manage to get some last minute pictures uploaded from my phone and printed out.  I love that each week i am getting better and just flowing in what I want this PL 2013 to summarize.  I had a busy weekend at home relaxing.  If you take away waking up Saturday morning with a huge stomach ache, some disagreement with hubby and then Monday feeling like my stomach was too full to eat or even move.  As I know God works everything out for the good to those who love and trust him.  I really just thank him for being so faithful in my life all the time.  He comes right on time and he is just awesome to know.  He allows me to be all that I am and I can't thank him enough.  So to PL to talk a little about it... 
  • Greatness how I am so excited about it but its not an easy task to work and accomplish this.
  • Just wanted to be Holy before God at all times, know that it is my walk, a walk that I must chose daily to take.  The straight and narrow road leads to life not many take it...sometimes it is lonely just a my feet are the only ones in the picture but it's the best path.
  • As some know I am a an Ordained Bible teacher and Minister.  I taught bible study Wednesday night and the message was great.  God did a lot of good things in that meeting.  We learned about letting go of the sinful nature.  We had a visual and God did the rest...well he actually did it all.
  • Started ZUMBA class!!! Lol  I had taken zumba before but this one was awesome!  I can't wait to go back and I am a little sore I must say but I  feel great.  Gotta go shopping for some Zumba clothes.
  • Monday I got a birthday celebration since my b-day fell on a Sunday.  I got a cake, a pink wand and cape.  I was the princess for the day as my co-workers told me.  It was the sweetest things and I must say I enjoyed it.  Turned 30 was really fun!  Hubby hooked me up last week.
  • Jayla was sick and was home for 3 days.  Took her to the doctor to see if she had the flu...she was cleared of that and just had a cold. 
  • Just needing some strength.  It was one of those  days...
  • Recapped some of my favorite things this week
  • Trials and Temptations  Had to go to the book of James in the Bible...Consider it pure Joy:)
  • Friday Ashlie a friend from work wanted to take me to lunch as a birthday lunch...I was so excited because I was in the mood for Sushi and did not want to spend anymore money that week so this was right on time.  I had some california rolls, mexican rolls, seaweed, crab meant. salad, soup.
That is my recap for Project Life


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