Saturday, January 5, 2013

I am Currently...

Since I can't get my crafty butt in gear I thought I would list what I am currently doing.  It's after midnight, time to shut the computer off tonight.

listening  To How He loves Us by David Crowder on the Church Music Album
wearing   A work t-shirt, cute socks and some comfy pants
reading Marianna, I have not actually started it yet but it is the book I am reading for the month of January.  The bible also because I try to read it daily in some form.
wondering  Why I have to be so tired from work.  When I was on vacation it was such a great time because I did not easily get tired.  I also am wondering how can I feel more of God's love.  I know what his love feels like but I want more of it everyday. 
enjoying  The family hang out!  I am so tired but just seeing all of us together in one room feels good.
wanting  Some new craft supplies, more of God's love because it just feels so good.  Wanting to have all my project life stuff together but I don't.  I am still trying to find my way through it but still have not come up with a conclusion to what I am going to do. 
weather rainy, misty and cold!  The weather to bundle up in my snuggie and read a book!

I am really enjoying How He loves US...How he loves Me!

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