Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Project and New Book!!!! Exciting

Hello Friends,
I wanted to update you on some creations I have been making.  I have been busy with operation handmade blessings and busy making things for all the swaps I join on  I wanted to update you on my books.  I finished locked in time a while ago and It was just as good as the first time.  I think it was even better.  I author even updated it a little bit and I noticed it.  When I read this book IPod were not out and I was like wait this was not in the book back in the late 90's. After reading some reviews and author responses she did say she updated it and why.  So I tried to start gone girl but I could not get into it so I will save that one for another time.  Instead I started a christian on titled Heaven and Hell The Journet of Chris and Serena Davis.  It is fiction and It is about a married couple who get in a car accident and they both die.  One is a believer and one is not.  So  This books talks of both of them and what they experienced after death.  What interest me about this book is how it will end.  Will it stick to biblical teaching on this matter or not?  We shall see.  I will let you know once I finish.  I just started it and it is interesting from the start.
Here are some ATC's I completed for the August ATC swap!  I got my ATC's back from other crafters and I was happy.  I even got a Trave ATC kit and a October one!!! Thanks Anna!!!
Here are some tags I did for a Halloween splendor tag swap.  I do not celebrate Halloween but I do celebrate fall.  I had some paper and I love making these items.  There was a time I did celebrate halloween so I still enjoy what I celebrated for when I was a child.  Now I have the Fall festivals to enjoy and My girls are all excited and ready for the Festivals.

 I also joined a ceramic tile swap.  This was a first.  We were to get a ceramic tile and decorate it with a theme.  I chose the ATC theme. 

 DO YOU SEE A LAYOUT?  This is the first layout I have made in 6 months.  I have been busy making other handmade items but I got some new papers and I re did my scrap space and hung my layout's up all around my room and now I am back for some layouts.  I have been scrapping pictures from our vacation this summer.
This alyout below is for a challenge over on Colorful Creations.  I have not been there in a while since stepping down from the DT but I do go over and see what they are doing.  They are always doing some great challenges.  Even though I am too busy to play all the time I can always go there and get some great challenges to start my scrapping.  This one is for a Palette Challenge by Fi.  We have to use these colors to your right.  I think I did a pretty good job!
 Below are some ATC's for Katie My Lady swap to complete 3 ATC's using TIm Holtz products of any kind.  I used Ink, Bingo chips, and ATC cards.  I think I used something else by him but can't remember at the moment. (Lol)  I hope you have enjoyed my new projects!

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