Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Time

Well since my purchase of my Kindle Fire in February I have been reading a lot more because of the convenience.  While at work during my downtime I can read, inbetween calls, while riding in the car when Hubby is driving, in the dark because it stays lit. and so many other reason.  But as you know and see on my book lit on the right, I had been reading Snowwhite and the Huntsman.  It was good.  It was not something that I would read again but it was a quick read. Okay spoiler alert:  I did expect Snowwhite and the huntsman to fall in love and get married but not so.  Anywho, I wanted to read a book called swan song but it had too much cursing in it and I don't like to read those kind of books.  But it was reccommending and the story line itself is of interest but I can do without it.  So I decided to read one of my favoirte books as a teen by Lois Duncan called Locked in Time.  It is a good book and worth reading again.  You may have heard of her she is the aurthor if I know what you did last summer that inspired the movie, Summer of Fear, and killing Mr. Griffin all teen books.  Awesome read!  My next book in line is Gone Girl a new novel out.

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