Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello Friends!

Well I would like to say hello...lol  Life has been so busy.  Since going back to school and graduating again, and work is going okay.  I can't complain too much.  I am so happy to be blogging with my fun scrappy stuff and just me stuff.  So let me catch you all up.  First I got the kindle fire around the end of February... I really like this thing.  It can do so much and the best is that it is the perfect size for me!!!! 

I love that I can read my books and don't have to worry about a flashlight.  I can change the size and have hundreds of free apps for it.  Amazon had hundreds of free books and they have this deal of the day where you can find a awesome books for free that will normally cost you 10-16 bucks.  I really love it.  I have read a lot of books on it and love all the features.  That brings me to my next subject.  I have read the Hunger Games Series.  SOOO awesome!
In the Trilogy there is
Hunger Games
Catching Fire
Mocking Jay

Catching fire is the book that was the best to me.    Book Three was really slow, lots of details but you will love the ending.....
If you have seen the movie without reading the books then you are missing out.  The books are so much better and you get the full picture in the books.  The movie was good but I am so glad that I read the books because they left somethings out and you really get to know the characters and the movie kinda moves along fast.  I can't believe that this is a scholasic book.  I don't reccommend anyone under 15 to read the book though.  Just the nature of the book may be a little too much for some.  your child may be mature enough especially if they love history and know the natures of other countries and how 3 world countries may operate. or other countires. 
  I just checked my friend Marlene new adventure Crafty Girls Get Healthy and I think I am going to join in on the fun.  When I got sick in 2010 and my health was not where I wanted it to be.  I decided to change my eating.  It was the best decision I ever made,  Yes I still eat cake at times, and eat out at my favorite resturants but Most day's I am eating good meals and eating mostly for fuel and not to just indulge in.  It feels great to feel great and to know that I helped my own health issue and have reversed something with God's help and my determination to be healthy.  God has also put in my heat to create a packet with all the things that I have learned during my journey with my health and how I got back on track with healthly eating and excerising.  I can't wait to share it with everyone!  That is my update for now and I am going to start printing out my items for Crafty Girls get Healthy and do the darn thing:)



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