Monday, February 21, 2011

Scrappy stuff and beyond

Hello, I had created a list to show my progress on things that needed to be done. Here it is below from a previous post. I have completed some more tasks!

Change my header on blog COMPLETED
Clean blog in general COMPLETED
Complete a Layout for 2011 (Still have not Accomplished)
Complete my No Worries Chipboard album COMPLETED
Alter Journal For Beautiful Awakening B.A. Jounal HALF COMPLETED
Add Items to Etsy Shop Completed for Valentines Day
Decorate Etsy Shop for Valentines Day Completed
Complete another Paper Bag Album for LSS to teach classes
Make Sign In book For Sweet 16 in May
Make a Card

I am happy that I got a few things done but I have not completed a lot for the year 2011!!!! I have done other projects but not a layout. I have so many photo's to scrap because when I was sick for 4 months I did not scrap at all so I have photo's from fall, the kids at the pumpkin patch, christmas and other photo's. SO we are still working on that. I have started a swap over on called Fabric Art Tags there are super cute and they are tags that are made from pieces of fabric. They have a base of chipboard for those that are not an expert in sewing but the entire tag has fabric and embellishments. Here is an example:

We are still in the signup's stage and I am gettting participants so it should be fun!
Here are some projects that I have been working on the last few weeks and I want to share before I get other projects finished.

I have been really being crafty instead of scrappy! No layouts but a bunch of scrappy stuff.
I have also joined a
Flower Swap-I am making my lollipop flowers that I love to make
A Embellishment swap on cookin up creations
ATC minicard swap
I found a new scrapbooking site to see if I can get a boost to get a layout done!
IF you would like to see the details of the "No Worries" album visit my Beautiful Awakening Site

Here are some photo's to share of how big the girls are getting since I have no new layouts completed!

A princess and a cheerleader on a parade day at school!
A day at the park. They were really hign and glad i have a camera that can take pictures from really high and it still be good quality!
She was upset because of the sun in her eyes and did not want to take a picture with her sisters. This was the best shot I could get!
The two Diva's! There grandpa from new york sent them some new sneakers and they were super excited! We were headed out for a family day!


MaRLeNeF said...

i love all your new projects! and you're girls are so cute! god bless :) xxx marlene

ToccaraFeliciano said...

Thanks for stopping by Marlene! Glad you stopped by!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh you created cute things! I love everything! :)

darkpoetess said...

wow some seriously pretty things here! x