Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My New Tech Want iPad!

I am really into Technology and My husband dreads the day I something techy comes out. I have seen these for awhile on TV but It has now become a want of mine. We were shopping the other day and I said I want this. OF course his first response is "How much is it?" I told him the price of two cheaper ones!( aren't we good for that)! So this is my new found technology that I would like to have in my hands. I am a reader and I am sort of getting tired of the booklight thing and trying to read under the covers so I won't disturb my husband when he is sleeping so this will be a good fit for me. When something cost a lot of money that I want and don't need I have to look at the actual benefit of having it so this will be a main purpose for me, and to get bible scripture right at my finger tip's when I need to use bible gateway to find a passage quickly!

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