Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Ministry Site

HEllo to all who follow me! As some of you know I have been out sick and I have been spending the last few Months with my family and trying to get my life back from 4 months of what seem to have been one of the worse times I have ever had. I am back and still going through somethings but I am back with my calling in life and where God wants to take me. Most know that I am a woman of faith and that I have been a believer for a long time. I have made many mistakes in my life as we all have and I have been seeking God on how to go out into what I know he has called me to do in life. I have been moving in the things of God, have become a intercessory for many, a prayer warrior, a seed planter and all that comes with the job of being a believer. It has been tough but I would not rather be doing anything else. I have moved out by faith on in online ministry that I have created called Beautiful Awakening! This is an online women's Ministry and we will be doing great things. I have also started the planning process in a Teen/young Adult Ministry that will be local where I live. It will be called also Beautiful Awakening TYA Ministry! That ministry will focus on 15-18year olds. But the site is ready for you to start looking around reading the Mission of this Ministry, and what we believe and if you believe what We believe then join us in the support for women all over the world. I am praying that thousands are saved by this ministry and Healing and Restoration takes place in each and every one of us! So for more info please click on the image and it will take you there.

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