Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Experience Gram-a-nugger!

Well yesterday was a blast. Although it was extremely hot outside we managed to get our food project down without anything melting. We made my famous gram-a-nuggers! I made this up my freshman year in highschool. My cousin and I would always go to the store on the weekends and buy stuff that looked tasty and things we like that did not go toegether and then find some way to make them go together and try and eat it to see what it taste like. Well I finally found one that stuck with me. Below is what it looks like. Gram Crackers, heavy whip cream and cookies and cream sprinkles. put it together as a sandwhich and wala GRAM-A-NUGGER!!!
Here is Amaya getting hers ready. She kinda went over board with the
Whip Cream! But she had fun!

Here is Destiny with hers adding the cookies and cream sprinkles!

They are having a blast here! This was soooo cute!

Love those faces! Jayla is really having a great time with those!!!!!
Today is a new food project and we are doing chocolate covered Popcorn!!!!!! I know they are going to love this!!!!!!Can't wait!

I did not even get to change out of my work clothes But I still look decent!

MY JAYLA & ME!!! I am going to miss having
a little on around because she is growing so fast!
Ooh I almost forgot..I am working on something and I can't wait to show what I am doing. All I need is a title and I will post it later!

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