Monday, August 3, 2009

My Blog Challenge #2 Update

Hello to my fellow scrapper I know with the blog hop and everthing you all were busy trying to win that grand prize! But I still need to know who is all playing in my challenge this go around. It is a recipe challnge and here is the recipe again

Use 2 PP's (patterened papers)
Beads of anykind
1 photo
1 type of stitching
pastel color background paper

Leave a commnet to let me know you are in on the challenge and leave the link where I can find your creation. I am going to close out the other posting so you can leave the comment here on this posting.

Also over at MAF I am on the DT and I have another challenge going on for the site. It is called Beading Embellie challenge. You have to either use your beads at home or if you don't have any go to your LSS and find the beads you like the best purchase them and then go home a create something on a LO with them. I want everyone to be creative B/C i will be choose the LO that I think was most creative with the beads. Some crafters are not use to using beads so this is why I am starting out simple so we can get the hang of it before we move to more challenging projects. The winner of this challenge will receive a variety of beads from me, from my stash. (I will not be stingy with the beads)! So let's get excited!!1 For those of you who don't have beads, just get something not to expensive you may just be the winner of some beads to do about 3-4 projects with. If at any point there are two people that I can't choose between I will send you both some beads. And please let me know a little about you experience with using beads I will love to hear from you! Please go to MAF and join the site if you haven't and then rsvp for this challenge. This challenge is strictly held at MAF,make sure you post your pics in that thread over there under challenges-contest and you will see the even title "Beading Embellie Challenge"
There are lots of other exciting challenges at MAF by wonder DT members! Check us out you wont be disappointed! I know you are tired of reading so let me show you some LO's

Thanks for looking!

Always Toccara


SheShe said...

very cute layouts Toccara, I really like that top one!

Cyndy said...

Here is mine! I posted it on and I will put the link here. I'm not in love with it and I've never used beads before on a lo but it was still fun! Thanks for the challenge!

Cyndy said...

Great pages! I did one for your challenge, although I don't love it, but it is done! I have never used beads before so that was new for me. I uploaded it to but here is the link:

Thanks for the challenge!