Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First Challenge On My Blog!

Hello to all I am so excited because this is my first time doing a challenge here on my blog! It will be fun and easy but you will win a good amount of free stuff! So here is the challenge i have been talking about I was going to do. And I will be personally choosing by personal choice not by drawing or a random generator those are not my favorite. I like the challenges to be by style and what the challenge giver taste is. So there are 2 parts to this challenge. Because I will be giving away different things, some scrapbook related and some not It will be fun to add some other things to it. So here are the rules for the first round:

What are 3 books that you absolutly love to read?
And what 3 of your favorite Scrapbooking Embellies you are in love with right now?
Please leave your answers on this posting in the comments section and I will choose 2 people to move on to the next round that I have intrest in the books and I like the embellies. I am not going to tell you the challenge for the next round I thought it would be fun to keep it a secret until we have two to move on! I will tell you the prizes.
The prizes are: For the winner of the entire challenge will receive a Book within the genre of your choice (suspense, love stories, inspirational, mystery, true stories, christian fiction, romance, historical romance, fiction)
Some Embellies Assorted (ribbon, fibers, flowers, chipboard letters, stickers etc.)
Some papers by "Me and my big ideas"
And a keychain with your name on it!

The first round answeres are due on Tuesday June 16th and i will announce the two who moves on the 17th of June. Also the secret will be let out what the next part of the challenge is on the 17th also. So good luck and please encourage some friends to play along.

note: I will be looking up the books you put down to see what they are about to help me choose if i have not read them!


Meredith said...

1)The Bible: Every decision I need to make, I find the answer in there.
2)I keep, As a man thinketh" by James Allen in my purse.
3) Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

1)Bottle Tops
3)Photo Corners

Anonymous said...

1) The Bible: learning something new everyday. Keeping my faith in God and my husband. Things will get better!
2) Men cry in the Dark, by Michael Baisden. This book show the different side of men! LOVE IT!!!
3) 101 Dalmations. don't laugh =) this was the first book I read as a child and couldn't stop reading books after that. I remember thinking " WOW this is so much better than watching the movie, so much more details".

1) Dew drops: Not sure how long these have been around but I love them.
2) Stickels: Just bought my first 3 bottles a few days ago. Someone from scrapbook.com said I should try and I do love them. Just need more practice.
3)Prima Flowers: Love to use the dew drops on them and I have only boys so I try to add flowers to everything I can.

Pocono Pam said...

1)The Power of Praying-Help For A Woman's Journey Through Life by Stormie Omartian-This stays with me. I have encountered a recent medical scare and this book has and will always be a blessing!
2) Faith Under Fire a memoir by Joyce Brookshire-A true story about a woman who discovered that her 1st husband knowingly had full blown AIDS when he married her. She describes how she leaned on God to get her through her ordeal.

3)Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking by Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Magazine. I am home recovering from knee surgery and my husband gave this to me a get well gift. It is special to me because he genuinely supports my new passion. This book stays on my scrap table and I read different sections everyday.

1)3 Birds Sticky & Sparkly Letters and Shapes-Foiled again-All of the ebellies have foil on them!! Love em'
2)mini circle brads
3)Any Jolee's Boutique dimwnsional stickers