Saturday, June 20, 2009

My findings for the week!

This Bucket I found at target's Dollar Section! I had been looking for a storage for my loose ribbon that I only have 1 or 2 yards left of it and the way I had it stored I did not like it. So I saw the ribbon storage I think at scrapbook dot com and it was I think 69.00! yes that is too much for me and I did mot think a plastic bag with holes is worth 69.00 even 39 is to much. So while looking for these tin mailboxes that were at the dollar section at target but they did not have them anymore, I found this little guy! I got it because I thought it was cute and it was only 1.00 so when I got in the line to check out I realized that I can put my loose ribbon in those holes. So i tried it because i thought maybe the holes had ridges in the inside of the bucket and would tear the ribbon. To my luck it is completely smooth and there are about 40 hole here.

After putting all my ribbon in here this is how it looked.

This is how it looks while sitting up straight. I used a fabric cloth that i had for canning that I used to do ages ago and elastic to lock it down. I even tested it out to see if when I pull out the ribbon would it easily come out and it did! So For My tip and idea I think this is a great idea for extra ribbon storage and it will only cost you 1.00. I would hurry if you are thinking to use this idea I think the buckets with the holes are around for july 4th to use to hold a candle or tea candle and the light comes through the holes in the bucket.

I also found this little broom set in targets dollar section. i thought it would be good to have this at my craft station so I can easily clean up my mess. I find myself screaming from upstairs to downstairs "Bring me the broom and the dust pan" ! Now I have my little broom and dust pan handy at my my craft table and I can easily clean up my mess!

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