Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scrapbook Candy YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

I just got more supplies today and i can't say how excited i am. I can't wait to use my things and see what I can create next! I blessed to win something local here where I live and i submitted so many different things to this challenge and just hoped for the best. A local scrapbook store had a challenge to submitted anything paper crafting from scrapbook layouts, to tags, cards, anything. Iv'e been submitting for about 2 months now and they said that the winner would recieve a box full of goodies from their store and other crafting store that help sponsor the challenge. Well I WON!!! YEY!! They sent each judges comments and an overall choice of why I was chosen. And I was chosen for basically being an old school crafter. They notice in all my work that I did not use digital templates, or tag punchs, and I barely used stamps. Like I posted before in another post on my blog I am an old school scrapper and I do use the more harder way to craft. I actually like doing the extra work most of the time because I love crafting and I don't want to run out of thing to do so I don't buy a lot of things that are considered up to date tools and supplies. Now I do use some but not all. I rather use a template that I have to trace then cut out. I dont know that is just me. So they like my orginality and that I gave inspriation to crafters who love to craft but can't always afford the tools that are posted in scrapook eye candy. And with the economy the way it is they just loved that someone could look at my creations and read what was used to make it and say hey I can afford the products and that they are tasteful at the same time. So they decided to give me some of product that I did not use in submissions and some of what I used a lot of and said to enjoy and never forget the things that made me fall in love with scrapping. So that is why I won in a nutshell. I am so excited and can't wait to get started. a few things I have not used before and will be asking for your help in ways to use them.
I am soooooooo excited!

Its good to know being old school pays off sometimes.
Lord know I cannot buy all this stuff at once!

Always Toccara

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Meredith said...

Wow. Look @ you! Im a new old school scrapper...I created a scrapbook of my godson birth to 5 months( he was a premie) all from "old school" scrapping. I did use the computer to type a poem...Can't want to see ur work.

Sista Scrapper,
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