Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Mary Kay Opportunity!

Hello Friends. Some of you know that I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant and some of you don't well now you do but since you follow my blog I will share with you that Mary Kay is a wonderful company to work with. This company has allowed me to continue to stay at home with my children and still make so money. My time is my own and I can still attend all of my children's school functions and make money, my baby girl does not have to go to daycare and I don't have to clock in and out. It may sound to good to be true but this company is REAL. I started my Mary Kay business about 6 1/2 months ago and it has changed my life. I get recognition from the company when I do well, I attend success meeting once a week to keep me motivated, and the money!!! It it great. Right now I am making about 2,000 in sales and making 1,000 dollars profit. What does that mean? That means that I get half on everything i sell everything and the product is so wonderful that I don't have to do much it sells itself. Now you may ask how often am I making this money? Let's see I work 8 hours a month and I am making 1,000 working 8 hours. What job can you work getting paid that for 8 hours. My National Sales Director is making 30 and up thousand dollars a month and drives a pink Cadillac that the company gave her for free and she receives a new on every 2 years. I am actually going on target to earn my first free car in Mary Kay! I am so excited!!!! it will be made just for me with my name in it and the Mary Kay logo on the back and how great to have a brand new free car. Mary Kay has blessed me with this wonderful opportunity to work when I want, make money, be home for my children, meet wonderful women along the way, and share this opportunity to women who are looking for a way to be home with their families, and need financial freedom this company is a great company for women it enrich women's lives all over this world and I will never go back to 9-5 job because this company works and it has blessed my family. If anyone is interested in this opportunity please let me know i am telling you that it can be a blessing. I will give you all information and get you started please e-mail me at toccara@marykay.com and leave me a quick response on this posting. I will get you started making money right away! And locked in at a Mary Kay setting nearest you.

Always, Tocara Feliciano

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