Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I like me spinich!

Popeye was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. This cartoon got me eating spinich. I used to tell my grandma "can I have some spinich so i can be strong like popeye"? This is at Universal's Islands of Adventure. It is a n awesome park, it is connected to universal studios Orlando Florida. So When I saw popeye and olive oil you can imagine how happy I was. So I had to get a picture. Now lets not talk about the popeye ride it is a great water ride. You get soakin wet!!!! it is not a joke. you are in a round boat and water just comes from everwhere. I gotta tell ya if you have not been you got to go it is great we went on it more than once...well we bought express passes so that we can skip regular lines at 43.00 with taxes a pop! Now you times that by four! But it was worth it because we got to ride all the rides at both parks and we got there at 10am and we were done by 5pm and were able to enjoy International Blvd. So if you have not been you got to go anual passes are 229.99 per person and you can do the flex payment were you pay 20.00 each ticket an month for 12 months. No blackout dates and additional discounts that is for both parks. Now the new simpsons ride is another story!! It was awesome but I almost died. Tell ya about it later!

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