Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Why not Toccaratine's Day

WARNING! Don't just celebrate your love for people on this day. If it being you Husband, Mom, children. To me I would be very upset if my husband waited until feb 14 of every year to buy me flowers, cards, candy, balloons, and gifts. And most of all to say I LOVE YOU! I was so hooked on this day for so long and this year I told my husband don't buy me anything for Valentine's Day ( except for ferrero roche chocolate ) because they are my favorite and they go on sale. The reason I told him that was it would not be anymore special to me than all the other days he has brought home candy, cards, flowers or gifts. He might be disappointed at my response so I don't want any of those things for today. I know he will still get something just in case I change my mind but I wont. And if this day was really for me why not Toccaratine's Day! or whatever your name is My man is bring me home all this love stuff but it's someone else's name. hum! I actually like the day after Valentine's Day all the candy goes on sale big time! yesssss! But for all that are in love with this day HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY

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