Friday, July 25, 2008

My Favorite Scrap Essentials

These are some of my favorites right now that I am using a lot of my Cards, Layouts, and altered items.

Buttons, all assorted. I pick up packages of buttons in the colors I like when I am shopping. I tend to use them as the inside of a flower. But I do use them for other things also. Sometimes I hot glue, tacky glue, or sew them into my desired place. I love them. But not on my clothes. I hate to wear shirts with buttons.

Textured Card stock, I love the way textured card stock feels and the look it gives when I am coloring something in with my assorted color sharpies (thin tip) It looks really great. It also is strong and I love it most when making cards.

Flowers, although not real, they are very pretty. These Flowers shown come in a package of different colors. I purchased them on different visits to different crafts stores. One store had 6 layered flowers in a package for 3.99. I know kinda pricey but when I took them out of the package I separated them from the fake bud, and I got 24 flowers from the six pack. And I did that with each color I bought. They make scrapbooks, cards and any craft stand out.

Butterflies, I am an all time lover of butterflies. I pick them up in whatever I see them in. I use them ALLOT. I just found these type of butterflies really made to use on fabric but I use them in other ways. I am just creative and take other crafts items and use them for my own. I have not used these particular butterflies a whole lot but I do use butterflies in the form of stickers, punch outs, rub on's...

Tip: The jars used in the pictures with the buttons, and flowers are gel candle jars that I just cleaned out and used for storage of my supplies.

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