Saturday, July 26, 2014

Back To School Mason Jar Project

So it is almost that time of the year.  I and working on some back to school project.  Well since mason Jars are my favorite I decided to alter one and make it a little vintage looking. I distress the ink once it dried.  I am making things the probably I will have my daughter give her second grade teacher this school year.  More little quick project to come Thanks For Looking!  Added a tag I got from the paper place on etsy a while ago and never used all the tags. 


Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar
Apple Barel Yellow Acrylic Paint
Sand Filer
Stick Pin
Colored Pencils

Back to svhool project with mason jar.


Kim said...

Super cute and a great way to recycle!

Toccara Feliciano said...

Thanks Kim!