Monday, April 28, 2014

The Dvergent Book 1 Finished!

Hello There:)

I wanted to share that I finally finished the first book in the divergent series.  It was a good book even thought it took me awhile to read it.  Once I got to it I finished it quick.  I am now on to the second book.  "Insurgent".  I am only 6% in as that is how it reads on my kindle fire and does not give page numbers.  I really want to see the movie now that I have read the book. 

What I love about the book:

Factions:  I love how there are different factions what we would probably call cities that represent a group of people.  Each faction has a specialty.

Speed:  Love the speed of the book and not too many boring details.  The writer was good at giving you a clear cut to the factions, details about the characters, and the places; all without you wanting to skip pages.

Heroine:  She is awesome! I can appreciate that you was not overly confident but hopeful.  I also love that by the end of the book she had grown into a dauntless member.  She was never too cocky that made me think of her as negative.  She was human, she was not lead on as an unbelievable character.

Love Interest:  the fact that the love interest was not over done.  It was believable, it showed her youngness when she thought about love.  Even in the end I was not sure how things were going to come together.  although you know somehow they would because there are other books to read but just not knowing.

It was a great book overall and I am expecting to see the end of the second book.

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