Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April First Sketch Challenge On CC! (Jesus Paid)

Hello There:)

Here is a new challenge for April First.  As the Colorful Creations Challenge blog will now be all skectch challenge! I am really excited about  that because for one sketches are a challenge for me simply because I like to do my own thing.  #2 I am mostly a monchromatic layout person so I mostly like to add only one photo on my layouts because for me each picture tells a story but sketches sometimes want more than one or two photos.  But in all it is a challenge right that is whay makes it fu!  I can't wait to create designs with the skectch that are not so easy for me and to see the creations I come up with. So here is the first sketch challenge below.

Here is what I created below with the sketch, my rendition of it.. LOL


Kim said...

Love all the layering and the scrabble letters!

ToccaraFeliciano said...