Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project Life Digital Style

So I fell in love with project life a while ago but sometimes with my schedule it is so hard to keep up with that, scrapbooking and altered project, and my favortie ATC's.  Yes I know PL is supposed to replace those things but I was not that in love to stop scrapping.  But what I have found it to do it this way.  What I did was use MS office, you can use either 2007 or 2010.  I use both as I worked on this at home and at work.  Then I used text boxes and did them the way I wanted to have my layout.  The fun part is you get to create your own layout.  I added my text after doing the boxes, added pictures and pictures of scrappaper, and shapes from MS word.  After I added all of those in order to post it as a picture you have to use your snipping tool that come with your computer and then save it is a PNG or JPG.  If you don't save it this way you will only have it as a document and you can't add it to your blogs and galleries.  Hope you like.  This is Project life for  August and September.  I am going to decide if I am going to do PL monthly or bi weekly!  I love that I can do it this way, especially when really busy!

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