Thursday, December 27, 2012

Smash Book and New Read

So I have missed blogging.  I have three blogs to manage and most of the time this one gets the butt of the bread( I hate the butt of the bread). Online ministry is going well, Beautiful Awakening just finished our December 2012 Operation Handmade Blessing  outreach to those in Nursing Homes and we had a blast.  if you would like in any way to see what we did please go here

We had such a good time and we had a lot of happy men and women.  Work is work of course. I got a promotion over a month ago and I did not get to post it here.   Just Busy I guess.  I have had some orders for Fall gifts, Christmas and just did not get to post it here.  Well the last book i read or started to read was heaven and Hell but I could not get into that one and finish it.  I will be starting a book titled Marianna.  It is a Historical Time Travel Romance book.  I have read only one time Historcial Time Travel Romance it is was really good.  Very Sweet and it does not distrub my spirit which is what I like.  I am hoping this one is the same.  I am going to start my SMASH book and I am excited about that.  I do not have that exact one but I do have the pink one.  Can't wait to get started in it finally!
Christmas was very Good I enjoyed my girls have a great time and my much needed vacation. I have some new things that I have been working on which I will update in the afternoon it is 2:43am.  Boy am I enjoying this vacation!



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