Sunday, December 30, 2012

ATC Kits

Well Today is pretty much my last relaxing day before it is back to work.  I really enjoyed my vacation spending time with the Husband, Kids, and myself.  In the midst I found a new project I will start, Project life.  I actually went out today and bought my new binder and my page protectors.  I actually bought the coupon ones which give me different sizes.  I spent some time earlier cutting out some papers I want to use.  I am getting prepared for January.  Still learning from Pinterest on ideas for this.  I am also going to do project life in my smash book which will most likely be all about me.  I have been super excited about project life and I have never done a year long project.  I also spent time late last night till wee hours in the am making ATC kits.   I have a playful themed kit, freestyle themed, hello kitty themed, and love. I have some good ones that I am going to put in my shop.  Here is a close up at them.  I have some more I need to make.   more pictures to come tomorrow.  I am falling asleep at the computer and I have church in the AM.  See ya Tomorrow!

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