Friday, January 6, 2012

After Christmas

Well the holidays are over and I must say that came and went quickly.  This have changed so much over the years and the holidays don't seem the same.  It seems like we are creating new memories.  We did have a wonderful holiday and I would like to share some pictures and things we did over the holiday.

Destiny and Amaya did a worship dance with the song the night that Christ was born.. They did great!  We took a lot of pictures.

 The night before Christmas there was Muddy Buddies.  The girls were making muddy buddies for the first time and we had a lot of fun!  Okay blogger is giving me a hard time to upload my pictures so I will try again tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

The holidays did just fly by, i agree. As the kids get older holidays change, we still have fun though. Glad to see the girls growing and dancing! Too cute!

Tab said...

That is so wonderful Tocarra!