Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pay It Foward 2011

Sounds fun right???
I’m Thrilled to be participating in Pay It Forward 2011!!! This has been kind of my mission in a lot of different areas so it is a bonus for me to have participated! and now I get to pass it on!
I'm going to have fun creating something special for a special five people :)
So I'll be making a super cute handmade item for each of the first five people that comment on this post!
If you want to be one of my recipients, just leave your name and email addy so I can contact you.

Here's the details:

Pay it Forward 2011
First five to comment with their email address gets something.
I'll contact you for your address.
I'll make you something and mail it to you.
You post your own Pay it Forward on your blog for people to enter, so the cycle can continue.
It is just that simple and it hurts nothing to pay it foward!

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