Friday, February 4, 2011

10 Years Later!

Okay, My ten years being out of high school has come! Can't believe it has been that long! I went to my reunion site and saw all the faces of those I shared important years with. It was so great to see everyone. Some have passed away and I know that they are truely missed. I had to put up some before and after pictures so and leave a little profile message. When I think back high school was really fun for me! I had lot's of friends mostly guys the football team and we would hang out joke around and just have fun! I was dating one of the players so whatever event that was going on I was there. I was also in band! Our band was pretty awesome as was our football team! The school's football team is still great to this date. Some teachers were awesome and some were just plain mean. I do know that they just wanted us to succeed. I am looking foward to attending the reunion gathering in July!

Then Back in Now year 2011
I kinda still look the same!LOL

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