Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello my blog friends,
Well summer has already started and I have been trying to figure out what to do this summer with the kids. So I came up with something to do at home when I am not on family trips and such. First we bought a Wii and we are having a blast with that. Although I hurt my arm playing it but I kicked my Hubby's but In baseball so Now I am feeling the pain.

Here are my plans.

Weeks of sweets
each week we will experiment with different flavors and do food experiences with them.
This week Is CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

Yesterday We made chocolate covered icecream cones and added sprinkles to them.We had a blast and I lost some of the pictures on the and I am so upset but its okay we have another projects today. I am going to make my famous gram-a-nuggers! Stay tunned I will post that experiment later.
TFL -Toccara

Another project.

See this board Ususally it is filled with papers from school, schedules, rehersals for dance, and school and home schedules but now that is is officially summer for the kids there is nothing there. So my goal is to make a summer board filled with colors a summer schedule, maybe a scrapbook page layout on this. I am going to make this fun, and colorful! so stay tuned for this also!

SEE YA!!!!!!!

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