Thursday, April 8, 2010

Swap Madness!

I have been a swapping mess! So many swaps so little time. I have joined swap after swap and I have had no time for layouts except the ones for the sites I design for. I love doing swaps and hosting them also. Right now I am at work writing in my blog and labeling my items. (The Handmade Flower Swap). I made some ribbon flowers, and some silk flowes also. Just added my own little touch to them. besides doing swaps I have been really thinking about my dreams in life that I have not moved foward to doing. One day I want to have a center for young girls and young women that have had some difficult time in life. When Iwas growing up until I was about 9 I had a great childhood then things started getting rough. So I know that obstacles I had to overcome during that time and the patience and endurance I had to have, the faith Ineeded to get through and I want to be able to help other women and young girls. I want the center to be an outlet for what is at home. This place will be a place of creativity, humbleness, loving kindness, support, understanding, and a step toward the right direction. My creativity and craftyness helped me get through a lot, it was at times and protective barrier, a safe place, a happy place. I would love for girls who are really struggling at home with parents, with how they are, what they are seeing at home that is not good for them, I want them to see past that. So I have been praying about this and really just trying to be creative with what I can do for some girls now until I get this center one day. So in efforts to support this mission, I am opening a new shop on This shop will be a little different, The intentions are different, the mission is different, and it will show. HALF of the money I make here will go toward helping young girls, and young women. I already started setting up the shop and I will keep everyone updated on my opening. The shop will be filled with what helped me when I was alone, abandoned, didn't have enough to eat, having to take care of my brothers, scared all that. That is my Crafting! I started scrapbooking back in High School But I have been crafting since I was about 9years old. Every piece I make I know that it is a step toward helping someone just as I was. Every piece I sell will be helping someone just as I was and that makes me happy! The bible says what you did for the least of these you have done to me. Matthew 25. I am a strong beleiver because I did not make it out the woman I am by chance. I was created just for this reason and purpose, I went through it all to be a blessing to someone. So they in turn can do the same for someone else. Well let me show some work so you will know Iam atlease working.

This box was decorated for a stationary swap on I have to make cards for it. I used cardstock pp's, ribbon, handmade embellishment I got in a swap that i played with it and made it my own. a Key by tim holtz, beads for crafting, lace, cropadile to add the holes and eyelets, sticlkes, rubon, bradm stickers, and prima flowers.

Thanks for looking! I will add other photos in another post I typed before add the pictures and it is a pain when you do that on !lol


rosey of nyc queens said...

awesome i love the box and your blog as well

PaperDiva said...

I Tocarra...I wish you only the best in your endeavors. I think your vision is awesome and much needed. There are so many troubled young ladies that just need someone to show them that they matter. Helping teen girls and young adult women has always been one of the things that I was passionate about and want to one day with the help of some great girlfriends, put together a program for this very same reason. I will keep you and your vision in my prayers and will support your store in anyway I possibly can. Just keep looking upward for guidance and I am sure you will be a blessing to those who can benefit from the love and passion in your heart to lend assistance without gaining anything except the glory of God. You Go Girl...Make It Happen!!!