Friday, September 11, 2009

TGIF (I Finished a paying project)

Happy Friday everyone! Fridays are the best for people with 9-5 jobs so I am giving a shout out to you all. And for the rest of the world who has to work weekends sorry! Well to cheer you up I have some pictures of a project completed. I had to decorate the front of a baby photo album. I got a plain one and the part in the front that holds a picture broke when i was starting so I took it back and could not find anything else but I found a baby album that had a little decoration to it and I thought this would be cool to add to this. Plus the person I was doing it for did not want to spend to much money so I got that one and I was a little uneasy that it came a little decorated (embossed stuff) but I thought I could really make this my own...SO here is what i did. I forgot to take an before and after picture since it was already decorated to show the difference but I forgot and then I just tried to look online so I can copy the picture here but no luck. Here is a twist the person I made this for happen to have that same album already! But she was so happy because it looked totally different that the original I added a pocket to the back to put little things from the hospital and it was boy(ed) OUT!!!

I added stickers, ribbon, fibers, stickles, buttons, vellum

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