Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sweet Tooth Swap Challenge

Good Morning to all, I would like to thank everyone who played along in the swap. It was so much fun and we had some good times. I hate to see it end but there is a time and season for everything! So Part of the swap was to make 3 items for your partner and make an extra one for the challenge and the winner of the challenge will receive the one swap item from each swapper. Now all you have to do is vote here to the right in the side bar that is title "Who is your favorite sweet tooth swapper"? The names there are the people who did everything to be eligible which was post pics of the items they made, and have the challenge items to me and the swap items to their partner. Now those who are not participating in the challenge but did participate in the swap but just did not post pics you can vote for the others (for noone can vote for you because we did not see pics). Here are the Pictures of the challenge items.
Pocono Pam's Entry
Joakima's Entry

cguerr's Entry

Your Scrap Attack's Enrty

she-she's Entry
Marlene's Entry

    Here are a few rules for the voting:

    You cannot vote for yourself!
    You can only vote Once!
    In the event of a tie I will break the tie we cannot have two winners!
    The voting will close on Friday August 21st at 6pm EST!
    The one's who played along in the swap but are not eligible for the challenge can vote for others!
    This voting is open to any who come and visit my Blog!
    And lastly Good Luck!


Cyndy said...

Thanks for the poll! I voted!

Okispice said...

Wow - love the poll! I will have to try that sometime, maybe you can send me some tips. Meanwhile - I voted! Good luck to all!