Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well to all of you who are a lefty and consider this an honor Happy Lefty's Day to you. I remember growing up they tried to teach me to write with my right hand because for some reason they did not want me writing with my left. And as I have found out from people older than me, they were forced to write with their right if they orginally wrote with their left. As lefty's we do have some dis advantages in this world like things that are made just for right handed people so we get back at them by making lefty mugs and have the liquids spill on someone that is not a left handed person!LOL I have personally got to do that to some people and it is soooo funny! As for me stiring things can be hard at times, cutting a turkey also can be hard, learning to crochett is hard and knit but guess what I can craft and scrap my butt off! Lefty's by the way have had studies show we are very smart...That we tend to use the creative side of our brain. It is so cool being a lefty so to all you old people who are probably dead by now when this started Lefty handed people are not handicap as they told us years ago!!! Facts I have 2 daughters that are left handed and they both are like little geniuses. My oldest is smart to but the two lefty's are unique in how that take in information and how they think. That study has some truth to it seriously!!!

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kath said...

Happy Lefty Day to you also! My mom was actually hired for her first job as a handicapped person because she was left handed. We have come far!!
Kathy Williams