Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello to all my friends some of you may be wondering where I have been. I had been sufering from headaches and dizzyness for about 10 days and it was very uncomfortable. It was so hard to do daily activites, I was trying so hard to have a normal day to try and overlook the fact that i was in pain and discomfort. I went to the hospital and all my test and scans came out normal and then I went a second time and the same the results. So I just prayed and had people who are like prayer warriors come and pray for me and I stayed in prayer and just focused on healing and the symptoms went away. It took me tem days to really get in prayer and do what I am supposed to do when I am sick and when I did what I read almost everynight in my bible my headaches went away my dizzyness went away and they have not came back. In spirit of me feeling better I am going to be doing something special within the next week here on my blog and will be giving away some stuff. so please keep looking back and I am trying to catch up on a lot that I did not get to do when I was sick so bear with me on my blog i am trying to get myself together. Always just as I am toccara (i am on my husbands desktop again!) I want to show off some cute stuff I picked up at the craft store before i got sick and share some crafting news from a well known crafting store so again please bear with me. Love you all!

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Meredith said...

First and foremost I am glad you are feeling better! I was looking for ya! I'll be on the look out. I ♥ RAK. Especially scrap ones. I am going to try a new technique out tomorrow. I saw it on DIY network.I'll be sure to show you and have you critique! Have a great day!