Tuesday, April 21, 2009

She love's what her money bought!

Amaya's birthday was April 17th and she racked up 44 dollars in cash! So yeaterday we took her to the store to buy herself what she wanted and today she sat outside with her sisters after homework (yes grade K has real homework!) and a snack, they were ready to play. My girls are total diva's (not the female version of a hustler!lol!) but just love to be pretty and with dresses and bracelets, nail polish and all that. I was the total opposite as a girl but that is them. They were havin such fun and I am glad that she enjoyed her toys now lets see how long before she doesn't play with it anymore.

Oh I almost forgot...TATTOOS!!!!!!
Even the little one got to join in on this one!

Always Toccara,

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