Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Day Vacation

Well I was so busy enjoying my night alone I didn't have time to post but My sister in law called at 7:30pm last night and asked can she get the girls for the night! I was so happy because I never ever get alone time. So I got them all ready and I took them over there. Hubby and I had an relaxing night and had a little bit of fun! We actually got to watch our recorded programs with out pausing it 100 times to get the kids straight so we can actually hear the darn show. So For once I got to watch tv. We watch the new rr rw challenge called the DUEL awesome show except all the parting and hooking up with each other I am so over that part, but I love the challenges and my show that I don't miss is 90201 I was a huge fan in the 90's and I am hooked now. Sometimes I forget that these characters are playing 15 year old and then I kinda get disgusted at the acts of these teens. But I am slowly seeing all the old characters come back from the original 90201. And tonight is a show I love love love Hell's kitchen and Making the Band! Can't wait I record them so I can fast foward the comercials. I love having a dvr box. Then we had some fun!!!!! Them today I got to wake up when I wanted to and had peace and quiet all day I got to scrapbook and sleep, and scrapbook some more! I even got to take a shower without interuption so that was sooooooo great! So they got home about 7:30 and I gave them big hugs and kisses took them a bath and now we are all chillin. Thanks, sister in law.

Always Toccara

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Taj White said...

Your blog is cute. you have gorgeous girls.