Thursday, March 5, 2009

On one of my favorite bloggers posted about a journal or notebook and I wanted to show my journal. This book is my brain I call it my brain book. I keep almost everything worth something in it. I tend to forget a lot having so much going on but I make sure it is good stuff so I can not run out of pages so fast. The front of my book has a little of everthing I love. I love hawaii so i put things about that on the front cover. I have never been to hawaii but that is a place I want to see in my life time. I love it so much that I bought the chicken soup from the soul of hawaii just to get into the island of hawaii. It takes me there when I want to be there in spirit. Also I love butterflies so there are some on there, I love God so I have meaningful scriptures there. And a dream sticker. I love to dream dreaming takes me where I am not and where I want to go. Dream big is what I pass on to my Girls. And my name so my girls can not touch. We have a rule in my house " if it is not yours, don't touch it"! So visit my friend Kelsy who orginally posted about the subject of journals and check her's out. Journaling is very important. I have read back on past journals and have seen how I have grown as a crafter, mother, wife, friend, and believer. I enjoy journaling in in scrapbooking it is very important.

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