Tuesday, March 31, 2009

His promise in tough times

I know that in these tough times with the flooding and all in different places in the world it people question were is God or if there is a God where is he. This picture I took 2 sundays ago at Universal Studios. My family and I wanted to just take a little trip and have fun. I love rainbows because of the many colors and how it paints a thin ribbon across the sky. the meaning behind the rainbow is that when God flooded the earth back in noah's day's when he built the ark. People were wicked and this was not the plan God had for his people. Noone wanted to do good. But there was noah and his children and God told them to make an ark because he was going to send down rain and it would last for a long time so noah had to build something that would keep them from drowning. He did that and the rain came and overtook the earth. then after that God told noah that he would never flood the earth again with water and he would send a reminder in the sky of the promise he made to noah...a rainbow! I know that this is no confort to the people hurting right now but when I am in pain and things happen I always remember God's promises. I am not perfect and I fall short all the time of God's Glory but I do believe and When I see the rainbow I realize that this is a promise kept and looking at all that has happened over this past week and has seen that promise.

Always, Toccara

To read this story Go to Gensis in the bible if intrested. If not that's ok too!

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