Friday, February 20, 2009

Flowers, and Flowers, and Flowers Oh My!

I went crazy inside of the scrapbook store with flowers! I love all the assorted flowers they have especially by prima. They come in some really really cute colors and I wish I could have taken them all at once. I got to take two different styles home with me and are very pleased. You will get to see the other style in a project a little later, but I took them out of the tin container and put them in my own little jar. I love to go to the dollar tree and get mugs, glasses, vase of all shapes and sizes and use them to store my scrapbook supplies. I love this vase and it only cost me $1. (can you say bargain)! So this is what I decided to do with the psychedelic (is what i call them) color flowers by prima. I am going to use the tin container and alter in into only the person who gave me this gift knows. Although this vase will make a strawberry Banana smoothie! yum sounds good at 11:47pm.

So this is it! With the flowers from prima and other assorted flowers from all over this is what I put to use of them. I made some cute little embellishment that can go on scrapbook pages and on whatever you choose. this is a sneak peak of what I will be selling in my shop under Toccara's creative soul. My shop is for my hemp jewelry but i love doing other crafty things also. I used my imagination with these. I used a little bit of everything scrappy when creating these little em bellies.

Here is the other prima flowers that I just love! Other than purple of any shade being my favorite color I thought they were so cute and tiny. they have writing on them to bring them out. Here is what I created with these little super cute flowers.

This is a clothes pin with a clear sticker that says unforgettable

I got this sticker years ago from a scrapbook kit off of TV called memories direct. It came with all sorts of stickers and just stuff. I paid a great price and I still have plenty. Also I have attach a magnet to the back of it so it can go on the fridge. This is going to be part of "toccara's creative soul" in my shop on etsy!

This is just my favorite! It is so simple by so cute. For those who don't know me I am a simple Gal. Most of the time I lean toward simple layout's, cards, .... I like to keep it simple and so very cute. so check it out I just love this one...
AWE I LOVE THIS ONE IT IS SO CUTE! I made one for my daughter's teacher with her name on it she loved it. this also has a magnet on it.
Well that's it for my creative juices for tonight. It is now 12:20am and my hubby is home from work now... I know he is so tired so I am going to spend some time with him. Let's see what's next. T.T.F.N
ta ta for now
Always, Toccara

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