Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is Me! Take me as I am

I can't stress enough how inportant it is to be yourself no matter what. Ladies we have a tendency to want to change men or let them change us. We cannot change a man. He is going to be who he has been before you met him and after you have met him. Stop trying to chane them and let God change them and then they will change to your liking. Don't lower your standard just so you both will be on the same page. Ladies let's get this right! We have to respect ourselves so that we can love ourselves. Focus on the prize! Keep your eye on the prize. Seek first HIS kingdom and all that is righteous and all these things shall be added onto you. that is from the bible. If we keep our focus on God I promise you he will give you eyes to see and ears to hear. He will lead us on a path that will not falter or come back void. His word, what he speaks to us through the bible will not return void and he will keep EVERY promise. Not on your time, but On time! My husband Has to know this is me! take me as I am because God takes me as I am so what man is on a higher standard than God that I change just because he is and I want to change him so I stoop down to his level just to have him. LADIES LATER FOR THAT! please we have got to get who we want to please in order.

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